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You’ve heard this before!
“I don’t know much about art, but I know what I like…“ How often have you heard this phrase repeated?
Each month Loveland photographer Bob Campagna and painter Fran Judd will contribute information and ideas about art and its wonderful manifestations. We will challenge and inform you about how to personalize your most important financial investment, the purchase of your home.

Your home purchase is an adventure in the making. We think of a new home as a new canvas where all possibilities exist. When you move into your home, it will be wide open, empty, waiting for your individual imprint. When the day arrives that this is now YOUR new home, you will think about your inventory of  “stuff,” imagining where it should go.

Are you simply interested in placing your belongings to be functional? Or do you want to go a step further and consider how you could make your home more creative? When you walk into a house, what do you immediately notice? Maybe it’s the flooring, the furniture, or even the amazing kitchen. But what makes this particular house unique?

Does the ambiance feel interesting, inviting, and instantly tell you something about the people who live there? Could just anyone live within? We want you to consider an artful approach to making your home as unique as the personalities who will live there.

So, what constitutes art? Paintings to hang on the select wall? An Italian fountain in the garden? A stunning black and white photograph? All of it…and more!


Creators of fascinating and unique art are all around us. We don’t have to visit world famous museums to experience compelling art. Our communities, especially northern Colorado, are filled with artists who create with passion to make all aspects of life meaningful, even beautiful.

Certainly, you can purchase mass-produced art at numerous big box stores. Consider, does this support your local community? Does it help the local economy? And how does this create opportunities to know the arts and connect with artists?

We will focus primarily on locally created, original, one-of-a-kind art because we believe it IS good for the community and the local economy. We will suggest types of art you can purchase and give ideas for display. We will provide ideas about how and where you can connect with art and artists.

In forthcoming months, we hope you check back to this website to share our ideas and suggestions. We think you will be surprised to discover that purchasing local, original art can often be less expensive than a buying a copy or mass-produced print which so many others already have included in their décor. Dare to be original!

We welcome comments, questions, and information about art in our area. Contact Fran at or Bob at

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